Chalk the Walk spreads awareness on campus

Apr 14, 2019

Allison Williamson, the Victim’s Services Coordinator at Pathway, joined students in this colorful sidewalk display on Wednesday, April 10, 2019, in Morehead, Ky.
Credit Makayla Holder, The TrailBlazer

Kentuckians across the state adorned sidewalks with inspiring messages about consent, love and support in the Chalk the Walk events.

Pathways’ extension of Chalk the Walk had Morehead State University students spreading awareness to decrease the taboo nature surrounding talking about sexual assault and harassment through notes written outside ADUC.

“It [Chalk the Walk] is important because there are people that go through this every day. People suffer PTSD from sexually assault, but people don’t speak up,” said Jairiq Howard, a freshman education major.

Some students and past victims shared similar sentiments. The event brought tears of joy due to the overflow of encouragement that was displayed by the student body.

In fact, Katie Dutoit, a freshman music education major, said she wished they had these types of events at her middle school.

“You never know what little girl or little boy is out there, who doesn’t understand what is happening to them is wrong or that they are being hurt,” said Dutoit.

Pathways has events planned every Wednesday, weather permitting in order to continue to spread these positive messages throughout the month. 

The next event, “These Hands Don’t Hurt,” is centered around physical violence.

(provided by The TrailBlazer)