Big Sandy Community & Technical College and SilverLiner celebrate inaugural cohort graduation

Jul 30, 2018

Chris Tomlinson and his wife Heather, SilverLiner owners congratulated students at the recent SilverLiner graduation ceremony. The Tomlinsons personally thanked and congratulated each student and spent time with their families who attended a reception following the graduation ceremony.
Credit BSCTC

Big Sandy Community & Technical College (BSCTC) and SilverLiner together with Eastern Kentucky Concentrated Employment Program (EKCEP), Big Sandy Area Community Action Program, and LKLP Community Action Council celebrated SilverLiner’s inaugural class of welders from the Workforce Solutions Welding Training on the Mayo campus.  

These students are well-trained and ready for a career in new and emerging industries in eastern Kentucky.

SilverLiner, owned by Chris and Heather Tomlinson will open later this year. It is a new business to be located in the Pike County Industrial site.  They will start with around 50 employees and expand to up to 300 over the course of five years.  They will offer production of custom tanker trucks.

Chris Tomlinson, a Floyd County native shared that he had worked in 14 states to make a living for his family and wanted to be home in eastern Kentucky and help our region overcome the war on coal. 

“I had an idea, shared my idea and had all sorts of folks reaching out to help me get this started because they believed in what SilverLiner was doing.” said Tomlinson.

BSCTC President/CEO Dr. Sherry Zylka was honored to share the evening with the trainees and is looking forward to helping to continue to grow this endeavor.

“Together we can achieve so much with collaboration and continuing to offer educational and training opportunities.  New business and Industry are coming to this area and this group of graduates with SilverLiner represent an exciting beginning.” said Zylka

SilverLiner applicants went through a rigorous interview process and spent countless hours working hands on with Tomlinson and the SilverLiner team prior to celebrating with their families at graduation.  

“These guys should be so proud of what they’ve done. They are who I am going to the world with.” said Tomlinson.

For more information about how you can become part of the SilverLiner team, contact Danny Tonkin, Director of Business and Industry Development by calling 606-788-2812.

(provided by BSCTC)