Better Life Church Responds to Civil Suit

Dec 6, 2020

Daniel Lucas, Better Life Church Lead Pastor
Credit Better Life Church Live-stream Service 12/6/20202

Better Life Church has responded to its organization and former youth pastor being named in a civil lawsuit last week.

Court documents filed Tuesday included multiple complaints against the church and former Youth Pastor Jacob Steagall, including sexual harassment, sexual discrimination, retaliation and negligence.

Lead Pastor Daniel Lucas was served on behalf of BLC in the suit.  He discussed the matter just before the close of Sunday’s live-streamed service, maintaining the church’s effort to lead their ministry with transparency.

Lucas went on to say he and the church have been advised by legal council not to comment on the allegations themselves.  However, his comments do counter some complaints made within suit where a plaintiff claims they made Lucas aware of Steagall’s behavior as early as 2016, and was instructed not to discuss it further.

Lucas’ comments can be heard in their entirety in the video below starting at the 1:06:50 mark.