Aaron Koppel Quartet

Jan 9, 2020

Aaron Koppel
Credit Jazz Chicago

Sunday Night Jazz Showcase

Program #278 (January 12 at 8:00 p.m.)

The city of Chicago has always been a breeding ground for musicians looking to expand the horizons of their own art and the styles that they represent, so it should come as no shock that guitarist Aaron Koppel was born and raised in this Midwestern musical mecca.

Koppel harnesses the energy and attributes of rock, blues, funk and jazz in its many forms, and filters it all back out through his eyes. He's but one of many with a panoramic eye on the jazz world, but he's one of few that can alter his overarching instrumental sound esthetic to suit these different stylistic endeavors.

While Koppel is rightfully seen as the star of his own show, his band deserves a lot of credit for giving the music a boost by injecting its own individual personalities into the mix.

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