The 12.5th Annual Fall Fall Spectacular Show

Nov 2, 2017

When a fearsome monster wants you dead

When terror fills your heart with dread

You’d best be wearing shoes with tread

Brought to you by shoes with tread, we discuss falls down the stairs, falls due to pets, falls from tree stands, hockey games, musicals, and scary movies. If you are too frightened to celebrate Halloween, this show offers you a very low-adrenaline alternative. Boo.

Tip: The best shoes for avoiding falls have a high collar (“hi-top”), low heels that are beveled, some type of fastening mechanism, thin firm midsoles and slip-resistant treads.


Dental occlusion and balance:  there is a reason why Dracula turns into a bat instead of walking

Scary movies make your heart beat fast, but are unlikely to cause a heart rhythm problem

A classic: the CDC on falls related to dogs and cats

Credit Health Matters Radio Show