1 Million Pieces of Trash Challenge Hits 90,000

Aug 21, 2020

Chrissy Perkins after a day of clean-up.
Credit Chrissy Perkins

A local photographer who started a litter clean-up campaign amid the COVID-19 pandemic says it has picked up a tremendous amount of momentum over the past few months.

Chrissy Perkins started the facebook group ‘1 Million Pieces of Trash Challenge’ in May of this year, hoping to see how quickly participants could hit the goal.  Since then, the group has grown to over 1,100 members present from across the United States and five different countries.

The group is active daily with members posting pictures and their trash-count to add to the tally.  There is a frequent discussion among members about how exactly a trash census works, but Perkins says to just count it all.

Perkins says the group recently crossed the 90,000 mark, and says there’s an open invitation to anyone wanting to help our planet.