Tanner Boyd

Assistant News Director

Tanner Boyd (Class of 2016) has been named assistant news director at Morehead State Public Radio (MSPR), 90.3 FM, WMKY.  

Boyd, a native of Morehead, earned a bachelor's degree in multimedia production at MSU and worked at MSPR as a student and began working as a part-time reporter in 2018. Boyd will serve as the local anchor, host and producer of daily news programs including "Morning Edition," "Midday News" and "Mountain Edition." Other duties include conducting interviews, writing news stories, and producing long-form regional news reports. He will also recruit, train and supervise student staff members.  

"Tanner has worked hard as a student and as a part-time reporter. He deserves this promotion and recognition for his hard work. I was thrilled to be able to tell him about the promotion, and I am excited to see how having him here full-time will impact the station. He is already an asset to the station, and we are excited to expand his role here at MSPR," said Leeann Akers (Class of 2006, 07), news director at MSPR.  

"MSPR's listeners know of Tanner's work as an award-winning journalist and newscaster. We're excited to expand his role on our news team and offering the additional training to MSPR's student reporters," said MSPR General Manager Paul Hitchcock (Class of 1988).  

Boyd has won numerous awards for his work at the station, both as a student and a professional. They include:  

2015 - Best College Radio Newscast (Kentucky Associated Press) 

2016 - Best College Radio Newscast (Kentucky Associated Press 

2019 - Best Sports Reporting (Kentucky Associated Press) 

2021 – Second place, Best Investigative Reporting (Kentucky Broadcasters Association Impact Broadcast Awards) 

"I started here as a student in the summer of 2010, and I really admired how Morehead State Public Radio conducted itself as a news organization," Boyd said. "Something new I've enjoyed since returning to WMKY part-time a couple of years ago is working with the students in the newsroom. It's a cool thing seeing someone new come in without much idea of what they are doing, and after some guidance, becoming someone you can depend upon to assist in our news and sports productions," Boyd said.  

Tanner Boyd

A major tech company that opened a location in Morehead a few years ago held the ribbon cutting for their new facility yesterday. 

Rajant Corporation is the broadband communications technology company known for inventing multiple industry-leading devices such as Kinetic Mesh networking.  State and local officials attended the event, along with leadership with Rajant and Morehead State University.

CEO Bob Schena says the success of the Morehead location has been far and above from what he anticipated.

A podcast produced by students and faculty at Morehead State's Kentucky Center for Traditional music can now be heard on Morehead State Public Radio.  WMKY's Tanner Boyd reports.

American Red Cross Seeking Volunteers

Sep 14, 2021

With COVID-19 and natural disasters hitting the United States, the American Red Cross in Kentucky is in need of more volunteers.

Volunteers will receive basic skills to become a disaster responder in shltering or health services.  Sheltering requires a 14-day deployment; health servies requires a 10-day deployment minimum.

Volunteer Recruitment Specialist Caleb Berger says the organization has been looking for new volunteers at Morehead State University.

Berger adds having more local volunteers provides more comfort to those needing assistance.


While progress on the City of Morehead’s new Police and 911 Center is becoming more evident, the past month of construction saw some delays brought forth.

Bill Barker with the firm Packs + Walker gave an update on the work during the regular September meeting of Morehead City Council.  Calling the month disastrous, Barker says a significant amount of the jobsite employees were affected by a COVID outbreak, with crews now having to catch-up.

Tanner Boyd

Kentucky’s Secretary of State gave an update on the Commonwealth’s voting systems today.

An Elliott County native has released her debut album.  WMKY's Tanner Boyd reports.

Heavy rains likely Tuesday & Wednesday

Aug 30, 2021
National Weather Service

Hurricane Ida will likely bring some heavy rainfall to the Commonwealth this week.

The National Weather Service in Jackson has issued a Flash Flood Watch for the area.  

Christopher Fisher is the Lead Forecaster there.  He says the most significant precipitation will occur Tuesday and Wednesday.

Fisher says this will mostly be a rainfall event, but some gusty winds are possible.  He also advises drivers to avoid water covered roads.


The rate of new infections in the Gateway District are continuing to see an increase as well.

In the Health Department’s weekly recap last week, there were 438 active cases of COVID-19 throughout Bath, Elliott, Menifee, Morgan and Rowan Counties.  That number is now up to 566.

Greg Brewer is the Department’s Public Health Director.  He says he had noticed an increased vaccination rate in the weeks leading up to the new school year, and he thinks the FDA approval of the Pfizer vaccine has improved that effort.


Thursday was the second-highest day for new COVID-19 infections in the Commonwealth since the pandemic began.

Announcing 5,401 new cases, Governor Andy Beshear says Kentucky’s positivity rate is the highest it has been so far at 13.24%.

In his update on social media yesterday, Beshear says children in Kentucky are feeling the spread as well.

Beshear is continuing his efforts to increase vaccination, and urging Kentuckians to mask up when indoors.


Kentucky saw the third-highest day of new positive COVID-19 cases since the pandemic began Wednesday.

The Commonwealth also has the highest positivity-rate seen so far at 13.16%.  These were among the updates from Governor Andy Beshear in a video uploaded to social media.  Announcing 4,849 new cases, with 1,518 being in children age 18 and younger, Beshear discussed the ability for Kentuckians to fight the virus, but choosing not to. 

The Governor used the idiom, “Nero fiddled while Rome burned.”


3,726 new COVID-19 infections and the highest positivity rate seen so far this year…that was among the updates during Governor Andy Beshear’s press conference Tuesday.

849 of those new cases are with individuals age 18 or younger.  Beshear also discussed hospital capacity, saying multiple systems now have expansion plans in place to deal with the continued influx of patients.


Rowan County's top official is urging residents to get vaccinated.

Judge-Executive Harry Clark made the comments during the opening of the regular August meeting of the Rowan County Fiscal Court.

Clark says as cases continue to climb in the county and across the Commonwealth, it is time to put all partisanship aside.

The Gateway District Health Department reported 61 new COVID-19 infections across the region Monday, with 13 of them being in Rowan County.

Clark's full comments can be heard below.


By the end of the week, Kentucky will have more people hospitalized than at any point during the pandemic...that was the message during Governor Andy Beshear's COVID-19 update Monday.

The commonwealth currently has a positivity rate of 12.4%, with 25 deaths being reported in the past three days.  The data shows the average age of those being affected is continuing to decrease.  Beshear listed several victims he says were taken far too young.

Maysville Community and Technical College is resuming the search for a new president.

Kentucky Community and Technical College System President Paul Czarapata made the announcement last week.  Russ Ward has been serving as the Interim President since Dr. Stephen Vacik stepped down from the job last year to accept a position elsewhere.

Here’s Ward discussing the search during a recent Morehead-Rowan County Chamber of Commerce event.

Ward hopes to know who the new President is by mid-November.


Two law firms have announced they are investigating Morehead-based company AppHarvest for potential federal securities law violations.


Officials with King’s Daughters Medical Center are sharing their experiences with the recent spike in COVID-19 cases.

Tanner Boyd

Morehead State University held its convocation for the fall semester today. 

The event took place outside the Adron Doran University Center this go-round due to circumstances surrounding the pandemic.  Those in attendance heard updates from MSU President Dr. Jay Morgan who discussed the upcoming masking requirements, as well as efforts to create more greenspace on campus.

Closing out his speech on a high-note, Dr. Morgan also announced the plan to provide raises to the University’s full-time employees.

Shayla Menville for The Morehead News

There’s been some contention surrounding critical race theory in recent months, with 29 states filing legislation mandating how it’s taught, or even banning it altogether.

The academic movement has also come up in discussions throughout local communities in the Commonwealth, with some parents of school children recently voicing their concerns at the state capitol.  Also weighing-in on the topic is the Superintendent of Rowan County Schools.


A member of Morehead City Council wants to re-examine the tourism partnership with the County.

The topic was brought up during the closing minutes of the regular August meeting of Council held last night.

Councilmember Jan Bishop cited an issue with the funding model for Morehead-Rowan County Tourism.  Here she is speaking with Mayor Laura White-Brown.


The City of Morehead is set to receive $1.9-million in funding from the American Rescue Plan Act.

Governor Andy Beshear announced $157-million in funds were being given to city governments across the commonwealth late last month.  They are being distributed by the Department for Local Government.

Mayor Laura White-Brown discussed the matter during the regular monthly meeting of Morehead City Council last night, saying she recently sent out a memo to department heads seeking feedback.

Health officials are continuing to report an increased rate for COVID-19 vaccination.

The news comes as the number of infections more than doubled in the Gateway District in a week.  The health department district includes Bath, Elliott, Menifee, Morgan and Rowan Counties.  49 new cases of the virus were reported there July 29th.  The update Thursday reported 128 new cases, with Elliott and Menifee now in the red designation.

Maysville Community and Technical College is among a select few institutions to be selected to take part in a project to strengthen STEM education.

Project Vision is supported by the National Science Foundation.  The goal of the 5-year project is to catalyze submissions of proposals from 45 two-year colleges not previously associated with Division of Undergraduate Education programs. 

Russ Ward is the Interim President of MCTC.  He discussed the matter during the August Morehead-Rowan County Chamber of Commerce Luncheon.

Google Street View

Those still in need of a COVID-19 vaccine in Rowan County can choose the shot they would like to take.

There has been an increase in the vaccination rate in the Commonwealth, with over 40,000 Kentuckians getting an injection in the past week alone.  Still, health officials say the rate is not where it needs to be.

Laura Harney is the Nursing Coordinator at the Rowan County Health Center.  She says if anyone has a preference about which shot they would like to take, they are able to make that decision.


Students in Carter County were scheduled to return to class Thursday…but that date has been pushed back due to an increase of COVID-19 cases among school-aged children.

The announcement was made via social media yesterday, saying the recommendation was made by the Carter County Health Department.  The update comes less than two weeks after the district announced they would not implement a mask mandate.



The Rowan County COVID-19 Reporting Dashboard had not been used since mid-May, but the County’s top official has brought it back.

Judge-Executive Harry Clark made the announcement Thursday, saying the updates would be made on a weekly basis as cases continue to see an increase.  The Gateway District Health Department covers Bath, Elliott, Menifee, Morgan and Rowan Counties.  49 new infections were reported in the area this past week, compared to just seven in early July.


COVID-19 cases are continuing to rise in the Commonwealth.  That was among the topics discussed during yesterday’s Team Kentucky update. 

Those cases are rising quickly as well.  The number of red counties has more than doubled within a week, with 15 on Monday, and the count now at 40.  1,618 new cases were reported yesterday alone, with 328 affecting individuals age 18 and younger.


Several communities in the area experienced heavy rains and severe weather events last night.

Officials with the National Weather Service in Jackson say the region experienced what is known in meteorology as training:  repeated areas of rain, typically from thunderstorms, that move over the same region in a short period of time.  Several severe thunderstorm warnings were issued, along with two tornado warnings. 


Kentuckians will soon be hearing radio ads featuring their senior senator on the importance of getting the COVID-19 vaccine.

A story published by Reuters says Mitch McConnell’s 60-second ads will be played on over 100 radio stations across the Commonwealth.  McConnell blames misinformation for the low vaccination rates in the country. 


A new technology center for high school students in Estill and Powell counties, as well as technical college students, has opened in Irvine.

The Estill County Area Technology Center will also provide training for displaced workers seeking new career paths.  The 40,000-square-foot facility will house six different career and technical programs. 

Jeff Saylor is the Superintendent of the Estill County Schools.  He says the project is a great example of what can happen when partisanship is put aside.


The State has issued recommendations for masking at schools when students return to classes next month.

Governor Andy Beshear appeared alongside Kentucky education officials during a press conference to deliver the guidance yesterday.  The recommendations are not mandated at this time, leaving it up to each district to ultimately make the call. 

However, the Governor says the consequences of inaction could result in a similar experience to the last school year.