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L. Hamm

Morehead natives living in southwest Florida are waiting to hear about the aftermath of Hurricane Irma on their home. Leeann Akers has the story...

Kentucky Power

Crews with Kentucky Power are helping restore services to victims of Hurricane Harvey.

95 KP employees and contractors left Kentucky on Saturday to assist the company’s sister organization, AEP Texas.

Corporate Communication Manager Allison Barker says the trip took longer than expected.

Kentucky Power is part of a mutual assistance agreement with AEP Texas -- that company sends crews to Eastern Kentucky when winter weather disturbs service in the region.

Members of the Public Pension Oversight Board heard findings and recommendations from an audit performed by the PFM Group on Monday about what can be done to fix the pension crisis in Kentucky. Leeann Akers has the story....

Feature: Eclipse Party

Aug 22, 2017
Morehead State University

Hundreds of people gathered for an eclipse party on the lawn of the Space Science Center at Morehead State University. Leeann Akers was there... 


The Rowan County fair kicks off today west of Morehead. Leeann Akers has the story...

Morehead News

The Morehead Writing Project has received a $20,000 grant that will help students in four school districts prepare for college. Leeann Akers has the story...


The annual county fair kicks off Monday at the Carter County Fairgrounds. Leeann Akers has the story...

Feature: Storm Cleanup

Jul 25, 2017

Two Kentucky counties are working to clean up flood and wind damage after Saturday night's storms. Leeann Akers has the story...