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Maysville Community & Technical College

Maysville Community and Technical College is offering a new program to help students complete their degree.

The new Fresh Start: MCTC Student Debt Payback Program offers to waive $1,000 of existing student debt if they re-enroll and work towards finishing their degree.

Chief Enrollment and Student Services Officer Jessica Kern says the organization has looked at different programs for different student circumstances…especially during such an uncertain time.

Morehead State University

Morehead State University is once again participating in Giving Tuesday, a global day of philanthropy.

The university is reaching out to alumni and donors to give to the fund of their choice, impacting students and programs directly. 

David Ray Gillum is the Alumni and Digital Engagement Officer at MSU.  He says the university has been focusing on donations for scholarships.

Tanner Boyd

These are the pending results for the 2020 General Election in Rowan County.  Election results will not be final until after all ballots are counted, including those mailed before 6 p.m. on election day. 

Additional mail in ballots that were mailed before 6 pm today will be counted once they are received by the Rowan County Clerk.

President and Vice President of the United States

Donald Trump/Mike Pence:  5,989

Joe Biden/Kamala Harris:  3,873

Jo Jorgensen/Jeremy Cohen:  137

Kanye West/Michell Tidball:  31

Leeann Akers

Local leaders and stakeholders gathered in Morehead Wednesday for the official opening of the AppHarvest 60 acre greenhouse facility. 

The greenhouse will grow non-GMO, chemical pesticide-free fruits and vegetables.

Founder and C-E-O Jonathan Webb says some experts believe that humans need 2 planet earths to feed the growing population by 2050.

Built with a $100 million-plus investment, AppHarvest’s first mega-greenhouse aims to grow 45 million pounds of tomatoes annually. Its target customers include grocery stores throughout the Eastern U.S.

Morehead Rotary Club

Oct 19, 2020

Rowan in the Red

Oct 5, 2020

Rowan County moved into a red category on the COVID-19 map released by state health officials last week.

The new designation means Rowan had 43 or more cases within a seven day period, and means schools cannot offer in person instruction or host sporting events. 

Rowan County Judge Executive Harry Clark says he is doing everything he can to make sure community leaders have the most accurate information possible.

Rowan County Detention Center

The former Student Pastor at Better Life Church has been arrested for indecent exposure.

Jacob Steagall, 28, was taken into custody Friday morning and charged with the Class B misdemeanor.    

According to Kentucky Criminal law, a person is found guilty of the charge when the accused intentionally exposes genitals, knowing the conduct is likely to cause alarm to a person who is 18 years old or older. 

Wiley Tanner

The Rowan County School district received a waiver allowing them to serve school lunch and breakfast to more children in the community.

When School began August 26th, the district was only allowed to give meals to students enrolled in Rowan County- and they gave out far fewer meals than the spring program. 

Food Service Director Glen Teager says the National School Lunch Program was more restrictive than the Summer Feeding Program. 

Elwood Caudill, Jr.

The Rowan County Clerk’s office was temporarily closed Wednesday after vandals broke a window overnight.

Rowan County Clerk Elwood Caudill, Jr. found broken glass covering the office early Wednesday morning.

Caudill says it appears no one entered the building through the broken window, but even if they did, ballots and personal information would still be safe.

The Morehead Police Department is investigating the incident.  The perpetrator could be charge with a misdemeanor or felony, depending on the cost to replace the window.

Leeann Akers

A local volunteer was honored Tuesday in the new Morehead Women’s Park in the city’s downtown.

The area near the Moonlight School was dedicated celebrating 100 years since women were granted the right to vote in the United States.

Mayor Laura White Brown says the first person to be honored was an obvious choice, Tracy Williams. 

The Morehead Women’s Club will plant yellow rose bushes in the park to honor women who have been influential in the region.  

Jeremy D. Wells / Carter County Times

The man known for organizing protests against racism in Grayson was arrested Saturday in Louisville. 

Austin Johnson

Law enforcement agencies in Carter County are preparing for another round of protests on Sunday. 

For the past two weeks, Black Lives Matter Advocates and counter-protestors have gathered in Grayson’s downtown.   Assault charges are pending against one individual who attacked someone at the protest last weekend.

Grayson Police Chief Travis Steele says one protest organizer has been accused of threatening the city. 

County Offices Closed

Jul 27, 2020

The courthouse, road department and animal shelter in Rowan County closed Monday due to coronavirus concerns. 

Rowan County Judge Executive Harry Clark says three county employees have tested positive already, but all will be tested this week to provide a baseline of information so they can make informed decisions.

Clark says the courthouse facilities will be cleaned starting Tuesday. 

Clark says calls to the courthouse offices will be forwarded to employee homes, so that county business can still be conducted while the offices are closed.  

Professors at Universities and colleges have a lot of unanswered questions as institutions across the commonwealth prepare to reopen campus to students next month.

Morehead State University will begin moving students into dorms on August 8th, with classes scheduled to begin August 17th.

Dr. Annie Adams is a faculty member at Morehead State University.  She says faculty members are concerned about keeping track of students in the classroom, and things like temperature checks. 


As many businesses struggle to adjust to CDC guidelines and operating during a global pandemic, one new business in Rowan County is preparing to launch. 

AppHarvest plans to open a 60-acre greenhouse later this year, setting the region up to become an agrotech hub for the eastern half of the United States.

Founder and CEO Jonathan Webb says construction on the greenhouse has not been delayed by the coronavirus pandemic, since food safety was already part of the design.  

Morehead State University

With racial tensions high across the US, a local university is continuing its efforts to promote equality. 

Morehead State University’s Eagle Diversity and Inclusion Team began working in the fall of 2018 to address bias response, campus climate, employee recruitment and retention, and other special topics as the need arises.

MSU Diversity Officer, Dr. Caroline Atkins says this fall the university will be offering cultural competence and implicit bias training.