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Severe storm threat moves into the area Tuesday and Wednesday

National Weather Service

People are advised that hazardous weather conditions are moving into the area Tuesday and Wednesday. Meteorologists report showers bringing the chance for hail, strong winds, and a slight tornado risk will be present.

Dustin Jordan, Meteorologist with the National Weather Service in Jackson, said storms like these can present real dangers, including a familiar threat for those in Eastern Kentucky, floods.

“Like with any of these systems where you have a little bit more moisture to work with and things like that, certainly the chance of some flooding is not out of the range of possibility. I think right now as far as that risk goes, it's probably a little bit higher probably as we get into Wednesday, but it kind of depends on where precipitation falls and just how much falls over the days leading up to that,” said Jordan.

Jordan said the most important thing is to stay aware and know which weather risks are impacting the area, so people can be prepared when severe weather does happen.

“Always remember to have multiple ways to get your warnings and watches and advisories and those kinds of things when they come out, and just be prepared. Look at your weather as you go into the day and just be prepared on timing and kind of when those things are going to happen,” said Jordan.

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