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New LGBTQ pride festival set to take place in Morehead

Pride of Morehead members.
Elizabeth Banks
Pride of Morehead members.

A new organization is preparing for its first major festival in Morehead. The Pride of Morehead is scheduled for April 20, from 10 a.m. to 6 p.m. on First Street in downtown Morehead. Officials said the event aims to serve as a queer-friendly space for those in the surrounding region, as well as a space for all people to learn about LGBTQ experiences and culture.

Mitch Smith is the Vice President of Pride of Morehead. He was also involved in a separate organization, Morehead Pride, which hosted festivals and events in 2016. Smith said since then, there has been a surprising lack of events celebrating Morehead’s abundant LGBTQ community.

“I’ve seen Morehead numerous times in articles be called the most queer-friendly place in Kentucky, and I’ve always found it funny that in spite of that, we’re not doing pride events. That’s kind of odd. The town that everyone praises for being so queer-friendly is not, I guess proud of that and doing queer events. I find that odd, and that’s a gap I think we have to fill,” said Smith.

The Pride of Morehead Festival will feature live music by the band Moonlight Mile and Morehead musician Jeremy Short, poetry readings, drag performances, and dozens of vendor booths across First Street.

Smith said he aims to help create a symbol of acceptance for queer people, especially youths, across the Appalachian region.

“Even if I can’t make it to the festival because of it, if I go down US-60 that day and I see that giant celebration of me… I mean, even in the back of that person’s mind for a little bit, they can see there that love and support exist for them no matter what their current situation is. And that’s the significance, to me, of doing that one major event,” said Smith.

All events are free and family-friendly. Smith encourages attendees to arrive downtown as soon as possible to secure parking. Space will be available behind the Morehead Conference Center. More information is available online at prideofmorehead.org.