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Morehead recreation officials planning ahead of May exit from Laughlin Health Building

Kennealy Jenkins

The City of Morehead is moving out of the Laughlin Health Building in May, but officials said plans are in the works to make up for the loss of the facility.

Recreation officials said since first leasing the building in 2019, Laughlin has served every county-wide sports team from basketball to indoor soccer. Additionally, general use was a big part of the idea driving the lease, with an average of over 300 people signing in per day throughout the height of the COVID-19 pandemic.

Morehead Parks and Recreation Director Matt Hamilton said the city and Morehead State University dissolved the lease agreement earlier this year. As a result, he said the city will be vacating Laughlin this spring.

“There’s not a real big benefit staying in there until the end of June. The rent will be prorated. Right now, May 6 looks like the date that will be our last day in Laughlin,” he said.

Hamilton said the city will feel the loss of Laughlin, but they have a good idea of where to go next.

“When all else fails, the school system has been great partners, they always have been. I’m working my best to try to settle things with the school system. It’s not always easy to get every single person involved with that on the same page, but we’re moving forward and working some deals,” he said. “We will not let the children of this community down.”

The director said any concrete plans must first go through Morehead’s budgetary committee before being implemented.