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Morehead leaders discuss possible effects of proposed water fluoridation bill


A bill on its way through the Kentucky General Assembly would make putting fluoride into water systems across the commonwealth optional, and local officials are weighing the pros and cons.

House Bill 141, sponsored in part by Republican Representative Richard White, aims to allow the governing bodies of water systems to decide whether they participate in water fluoridation programs. Fluoride is a mineral additive that helps to reduce the risk of cavities in teeth.

Morehead City Council Member Yvonne Baldwin said no matter what happens in Frankfort, community leaders must make sure they aren’t only relying on personal opinion when making a decision.

“When this discussion comes up, it will be imperative that we use CDC and EPA information. We must rely on the science. We must rely on history,” she said. “We must also consider the public health of a region that has extreme limitations on what they can do for dental service.”

Holly McGrath-Rosas is the General Manager of the Morehead Utility Plant Board. She said if HB 141 becomes law, MUPB plans to put the topic to a vote before making any official decisions.

“I’m not going to just stop feeding fluoride and say ‘This is the way it is’. It would go to the board, it would go to the council, it would be discussed. But, I feel like my job is to inform you just like you want to inform, just like everybody wants to be informed, and I highly encourage everybody to do their own digging and searching and research,” McGrath-Rosas said.

HB 141 is currently on its second reading in the House.