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Transportation officials call for community input on US 460 project

KYTC Highway District 10

There’s still time to submit comments and feedback for a highway improvement project spanning Menifee and Morgan counties.

The Kentucky Department of Highways is planning to develop a 4.5-mile stretch of US 460, increasing safety measures for rural drivers with 11-foot travel lanes and paved shoulders. This project will take place between KY 1240 in Menifee County and KY 882 in Morgan County. Officials said the maintenance is vital for safely accommodating the 2,200 vehicles that travel the corridor on a busy day.

H.B. Elkins is the Information Officer for The Kentucky Department of Highways District 10. He said the public’s input will play a large role in how the Kentucky Transportation Cabinet (KYTC) will construct the improved highway.

“We unveiled three alternatives for what’s being proposed. One is following the existing route and just making some improvements, and it would have a 45-mile-per-hour speed. And the other two are a little straighter, and they would have a 55-mile-per-hour design speed,” said Elkins.

He said so far, many community members have been concerned about their property being used for the project through eminent domain.

“There are a few private structures that would have to be acquired as part of it, but that’s still a bit down the road,” said Elkins. “We haven’t even determined the final alignment, and we won’t even get started with evaluating and purchasing the right-of-way until that final alignment is selected, which will happen later this year.”

KYTC will accept written feedback through February 9. Currently, KYTC is not scheduled to break ground until the 2028 fiscal year.

Written comments can be submitted by mail or email to Min Jiang, KYTC District 10, P.O. Box 621, Jackson KY 41339, min.jiang@ky.gov. More information is available at transportation.ky.gov.