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Winter-weather illness vaccinations available at St. Claire, all except RSV for children


Officials with St. Claire Healthcare said COVID-19 and flu shots are ready and available for those who need or want them, but RSV immunizations for children will need to wait.

Hospitals nationwide report Monoclonal Antibodies designed for infants to help fight RSV are in short supply right now. Officials with St. Claire Healthcare said they are working to get them ordered, but in the meantime, parents should talk to their pediatricians.

Caitlin Guerin is Pharmacy Director with Saint Claire. She said receiving vaccines for both flu and COVID-19 is a keyway for anyone eligible for the shots to stay healthy and out of the hospital.

“The CDC, they have said that you can receive both of the vaccines on the same day. I don’t know personally if I would do them in the same arm, I think it might hurt a lot more, to get both in one arm. But they can definitely be given on the same day at the same appointment, to help keep patients from having to come out more than once, especially as the weather starts getting colder,” said Guerin

Guerin said it is important for those of all ages to get vaccinated against other respiratory illnesses this flu season.

“So, the flu shot I would definitely say making appointments with family medicine and your primary care providers, and same goes for COVID, but again they have the option of the COVID clinic on Fridays at the pavilion. They are not walk-ins; it would have to be done by appointment just like anything else,” said Guerin.

Guerin said RSV vaccines for those over the age of 60, which are different than the shots kids get, are available by appointment only. Appointments for all shots can be made over the phone or online.