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Rowan animal shelter urges adoption amidst overcrowding

Tri-County Animal Shelter

Officials said the Tri-County Animal Shelter in Clearfield is grappling with overpopulation as adoptions have remained slow. Tri-County Animal Shelter accepts dogs from Rowan and Fleming counties, as well as cats in Rowan County.

Kimberly Adams is an employee at the Tri-County Animal Shelter. She said the facility currently has more animals than it is equipped to handle.

“On cats, we try to keep it at about 30, just because we aren’t really built to have more than that,” said Adams “On the dogs, right now we have about 50 dogs looking for homes, but we probably really only should have about 32 here.”

Officials said adoptions are typically lowest for large dogs. The shelter has a play yard where people can get to know dogs and decide if their household is the right fit.

Adams said the adoption process is very simple, and she always recommends people come in to meet the animals, as they might find a new best friend.

“If somebody was to fall in love with one and want to add it to their family, there’s just some, a couple of forms to fill out, and the adoption fee for dogs is $100. The adoption fee for cats is $55, and that covers getting them spayed or neutered, rabies vaccination and a microchip,” said Adams.

All animals adopted from the shelter must be spayed or neutered to decrease the overall population and prevent further shelter overcrowding.

Any person or rescue organization interested in adopting animals can visit the Tri-County Animal Shelter’s Facebook page at https://www.facebook.com/RowanDogPound/ or call 606-784-4930.