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Forecasters warn high temperatures will close out the week

National Weather Service

Kentucky could see some record high temperatures Thursday and Friday. The heatwave will be brief but will carry some of the hottest temperatures meteorologist have reported this year.

Heat advisories could be issued due to high heat index values topping 100 degrees. Officials warn people to be mindful of their health when heat advisories are put in place. 

Meteorologist with the National Weather Service in Jackson, Hal Klingenberg, said there are ways people can stay safe and healthy while battling the heat.

“If you are going to be outside or if you have to be outside, try to take frequent breaks, get in some air conditioning occasionally or at least get in the shade,” said Klingenberg. “Have plenty to drink, water is probably better for you than anything else, just to keep hydrated. If by chance you do overdo it, just try to know the signs.”

Symptoms of heat-related illness include weakness or tiredness, clammy skin, weak pulse, muscle cramps, dizziness, nausea or vomiting, headache, and fainting. Officials said anyone experiencing heat stroke or a serious heat-related illness should see a health professional immediately.

 Klingenberg added the NWS is tracking some cooler temperatures and lower humidity for the beginning of next week.

“We are looking for a cold front to pass through this weekend and with that, at least a chance for some showers and thunderstorms. That would be primarily Saturday afternoon and Saturday night,” said Klingenberg. “Still can’t rule anything out for Sunday, but the best chance will be probably late Saturday and Saturday night. Once that cold front passes through, its not going to be anything really cool behind it but it will be less uncomfortable. Certainly a noticeable difference, I would think.”

Stay up to date with weather patterns and heat index advisories with WMKY and by checking out the National Weather Service’s website, weather.gov.