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Rowan County Schools open kindergarten registration for the 2023-24 school year

Samantha Morrill

Parents who wish to enroll their children for kindergarten can do so from 9 a.m. to 3 p.m. on Friday, July 14th. The registration event will be hosted in the board room of the Rowan County Board of Education building.

Any child who will be five years old by August 1 is eligible to enroll. Renee Smith is Director of District Health Services with Rowan County Schools. She said parents will need to provide documentation in order to enroll their child.

“Parents will need to bring us a copy of their child’s birth certificate, a copy of their social security card, an up to date immunization certificate, physical exam, a dental exam, and a vision exam, and we will get them registered.”

Smith said copies of each document are not mandatory. Parents are encouraged to register their children for school even if they do not have any documentation to provide. She said she is available to contact for parents that would like more information.

“Parents just need to come and bring us those copies, and we will do online registration with them that day and get your child registered for school. You can call me; my name is Renee Smith at Rowan County Board of Education.”

July 14 is the last day children are able to be registered before the beginning of the school year. More information about registration can be found by contacting the Rowan County Board of Education at (606)-784-8929 or online at https://www.rowan.k12.ky.us/