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Applications for Kentucky Crafted open through Aug. 15

Kentucky Crafted

The Kentucky Arts Council is accepting applications for the Kentucky Crafted arts marketing program through Aug. 15. Kentucky Crafted assists visual and craft artists through networking, promotional and sales opportunities and business training.

“Kentucky Crafted artists enjoy more than just the right to use the Kentucky Crafted brand on their work,” said Dave Blevins, arts marketing director for the arts council. “Many artists have broadened the reach of their personal brands through the recognition that comes with being a Kentucky Crafted artist.”

Kentucky Crafted is a symbol of artistic excellence in the commonwealth. Artists in the program have been adjudicated by an independent panel of professional artists and leaders within the arts and craft community. Among many other benefits and privileges, Kentucky Crafted artists become eligible to exhibit at the annual Kentucky Crafted Market.

Louisville artist Sabra Crockett said being in Kentucky Crafted has opened doors for her and her work: “I have been invited by many different fairs and art events to attend, including Woodland Art Fair, Arts On the Green and Saint James Art Festival. If I had not participated in The Kentucky Crafted Market, I believe I would not have had those invitations.”

Crockett enjoyed a successful weekend at The Kentucky Crafted Market in March, which she said gave her momentum.

“Just attending the Kentucky Crafted Market has brought me more sales, more connections and a broader sense of community in Kentucky. The artists I have met through the program are part of my close community, and I have been able to create strong bonds with some of them.”

That bond with her fellow artists is one reason Crockett believes artists should apply for Kentucky Crafted.

“Being an artist can be a very lonely and isolating experience. This is a way to form stronger relationships with other artists,” she said. “It also pushes you to really hone your craft and raise your artwork to a professional level. You’ll also be part of a network of supportive artists and arts administrators to help you further your career as an artist.”

In addition to exhibiting at The Kentucky Crafted Market, artists are eligible to apply for consultancies from the Kentucky Peer Advisory Network (KPAN). Artists may also use the Kentucky Crafted logo, which will be included in the online directory of artists, and can take advantage of cooperative advertising and exhibit opportunities.

For more information about the Kentucky Crafted program, contact Blevins at david.blevins@ky.gov or 502-892-3120.