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Local Dr. offers options after Roe vs. Wade decision

Dr. Rebecca Todd

Following the reversal of Roe vs. Wade, many Kentucky women are researching what reproductive healthcare options remain for them.

Not long after the decision was announced on the 24th, a list began circulating on social media. It contains the names of Commonwealth healthcare providers who are willing to perform tubal ligation surgery for women without any age, medical or relationship requirements.

Dr. Rebecca Todd is on that list, and while she was not aware it existed, she confirms that is her approach to the procedure. Dr. Todd is an OB/GYN who also serves as the Assistant Dean for the University of Kentucky's Rural Physician Leadership Program in Morehead. However, a tubal ligation is not an outpatient procedure, meaning the surgery would have to be performed at UK Hospital in Lexington. Her policy, which also does not require a woman to already have children, was in place long before the leaked draft opinion from the United States Supreme Court came to light in May.

Todd says her office has received an increased number of calls since the overturned decision became official. She encourages those interested in learning about the procedure, as well as long-acting reversible forms of contraception, to contact UK Morehead Saint Claire Women's Care.

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