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AppHarvest host Grand Opening

Leeann Akers

Local leaders and stakeholders gathered in Morehead Wednesday for the official opening of the AppHarvest 60 acre greenhouse facility. 

The greenhouse will grow non-GMO, chemical pesticide-free fruits and vegetables.

Founder and C-E-O Jonathan Webb says some experts believe that humans need 2 planet earths to feed the growing population by 2050.

Built with a $100 million-plus investment, AppHarvest’s first mega-greenhouse aims to grow 45 million pounds of tomatoes annually. Its target customers include grocery stores throughout the Eastern U.S.

The operation uses digital monitoring, sun and LED lighting – the world’s largest LED lighting installation – and hydroponic, aboveground growing systems, including nonchemical growing practices. The first harvest could reach customers in early 2021.

AppHarvest announced earlier this week that its contractors broke ground on a second facility, located in Madison County, which will be comparable in size to the Morehead operation.