MSU Board of Regents

The Board of Regents at Morehead State University is MSU's governing body, dedicated to promotion of the goals and vision of the University. The board is comprised of 11 members, including faculty, staff, and student regents. Additional officers include treasurer and secretary which serve the Board of Regents. 

2019 Morehead State University Board of Regents

Sanford Holbrook

Eric E. Howard

Deborah H. Long

Wayne M. Martin (Vice-Chair)

Craig Preece

Patrick E. Price

Kathy Walker (Chair)

Terri Walters

Jonathan Pidluzny (Faculty Representative)

Craig Dennis (Staff Representative)

Brandon Bryer (Student Regent)

Teresa Lindgren (Treasurer)

Sharon S. Reynolds (Secretary)

2019 Meeting Schedule

February 28, Work Session (MSU at Mt. Sterling)**

March 28, Quarterly Meeting

May 16, Audit Committee

May 16, Work Session   

June 6, Quarterly Meeting 

August 8, Work Session   

September 12, Quarterly Meeting   

October 18, Audit Committee (Friday/Homecoming)

October 18, Work Session (Friday/Homecoming)

December 5, Quarterly Meeting   

All dates are Thursdays unless otherwise noted.

**The February meeting is planned for MSU at Mt. Sterling campus. All other meetings to be held in ADUC Board of Regents meeting room (Room #329).

Additional information is available at: http://www.moreheadstate.edu/Leadership/Board-of-Regents