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"Covid Era" classroom changes

Hannah Rae Kimmel, The Trail Blazer

The “Covid Era” has required many professors to adjust their classrooms and their lives.

Robyn Moore, a Morehead State University fine arts photography professor, has implemented several additional rules into her class including sanitation procedures, social distancing and health safety.

“I just added as many layers of safety as I could possibly think of,” said Moore.

Safety is as important to Moore as the creative techniques she is teaching in her classes.

Within her classroom, she has incorporated a hybrid learning style by making 70% face-to-face interpersonal learning and 30% online instruction to ensure as many students as safely possible can experience photography.

Due to the small size of the dark room and communal equipment, Moore has included the use of gloves, masks, sanitation of equipment and a HEPA UV light filter.

This is more than a safety issue to Moore, however.

Rather than spend her whole summer working on her own body of photos, she spent more time with her family in Virginia.

According to Moore, the isolation causes people to look at their priorities and reevaluate. Such times require both students and faculty alike to be compassionate, human and patient in uncertainty.

She said spending quality time with loved ones equipped her with the mindset to move forward this semester.

“I think the most important thing is to know that we’re in this together, and that if we really look out for ourselves and each other we increase our chances of getting through it safely,” said Moore. 

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