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Dress code at the recreation center

Alyssa Allen, The TrailBlazer

Posters around Morehead State University’s Recreation and Wellness Center have raised questions about the center’s dress code policy.

Multiple dress code violations within a short amount of time caught the attention of assistant director, Jason Hilton and fitness coordinator, Bill Campbell. To combat the problem, they had their marketing intern find a graphic that encapsulated the center’s dress code.

“The dress code is not new,” said Campbell. “Essentially, the policy has been around since the rec center opened.” 

According to the poster, the recreation center’s dress code outlines that shirts should fully cover the torso and should not expose skin below the bra line in the back. Shirts cannot have an armpit gap that exceeds the palm of the hand.

Shoes must be worn at all times anywhere in the facility. Shoes should be closed-toed and cover the whole foot. Shorts and pants need to clear of any belts, rivets, or studs and should not expose the buttocks.

“If you come in and you want to wear your sandals or Chocos and go on to the pool, we’re not really going to stop you,” said Hilton. “We’re pretty realistic when it comes to most things.”

The standards are based on the standards set by the Center for Disease Control. Staff are instructed to monitor patron outfits and refer to the dress code posters to address violations. 

Hilton emphasized that further action is left to the discretion of the staff. Patrons in violation may be asked to leave or are made aware of the policy and asked to follow it in the future.