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Morehead Theater Guild raises the dead

Allysa Allen, The TrailBlazer

The Morehead Theatre Guild raised the dead by telling their history at the Old Town Cemetery.

The Morehead Theatre Guild and Rowan County Arts Center worked together to present Dining With the Dead for the third time alongside J.D. Reeder. The three-part program included a play, dinner and a ghost walk around town.

“The experience of these people from 125 to 140 years ago are in many ways the very same experiences that we have today. We have much, much more in common with them than we might think,” said Reeder.

This was the third time that the Morehead Theatre Guild has presented the event since its beginning in 2014. The program includes a balance of stories that are humorous and stories that are solemn.

“I go for a balance between stories that are poignant and stories that are humorous,” said Reeder. “I don’t want it to be all laughs and I don’t want it to be all weeping and sobbing.”

Characters in the play were from as young as eight to as old as 80 and were real people who lived in Rowan County in the 1800s. Both prevalent people through events such as the Rowan County War and unknown residents buried in the cemetery were represented.

The program will be performed on October 25 and October 26.

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