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The American Kennel Club recognized a new breed at the Westminster dog show


Last night, Sage, the miniature poodle, took best in show at the 148th Westminster Dog Show.


Congratulations to Sage. A different dog did not win, but received an honor all its own. This dog's name is Mando. He's a Lancashire heeler and received appause (ph), as my 8-year-old would say, for becoming the latest breed to be officially recognized by the AKC, the American Kennel Club.

SHERYL BRADBURY: They are a tenacious little breed and can be obsessive-compulsive about keeping things under control on the property.

MARTIN: That's Sheryl Bradbury, president of the U.S. Lancashire Heeler Club. She says this small breed was around long before the Kennel Club recognized it. The dog traditionally is used to herd cattle and hunt vermin.

INSKEEP: Bradbury says these dogs are high energy and thrive when they have a job, but that does not mean they can't make great pets.

BRADBURY: This dog can go out and work his tail off all day long. But then he's happy to snuggle up next to you in the recliner and watch television with you.

MARTIN: So what's the big deal about a dog breed getting this recognition? Brandi Munden with the American Kennel Club says it helps preserve the breed's pedigree.

BRANDI MUNDEN: It's kind of like Ancestry for dogs, right? You want to know where your dog comes from. You may want a dog from the same line. You don't believe any breed should go extinct, so making sure there are enough dogs to continue the population in the best interests of the breed.

INSKEEP: Lancashire heelers, if you're wondering, have a weather-resistant coat. They're great at learning new tasks. And they've got a doggy smile. What more can anybody want?

MARTIN: A dog that will bring me my coffee.

INSKEEP: (Laughter).

MARTIN: Can Sage the miniature poodle do that, Steve?

INSKEEP: I don't know, but maybe the Lancashire heeler can bring it for you - breakfast in bed. Transcript provided by NPR, Copyright NPR.

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