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Dozens Of Protestors Arrested Outside KY Attorney General's Home

Credit twitter @traebn

87 demonstrators with the group Until Freedom were taken into custody after they marched to the Louisville home of Daniel Cameron, chanted on the streets and staged a sit-in on the Attorney General’s front lawn. They were demanding justice for Breonna Taylor. 87 were arrested.

Breonna Taylor was shot by Louisville Metro Police on March 13th when they entered her apartment with a no-knock narcotics warrant. No drugs were found and her death has sparked weeks of protests calling for officers to be charged.  Police told protestors to disperse. Those who didn’t were arrested and have been charged with intimidating a participant in a legal process, disorderly conduct and trespassing.

Cameron released a statement that reads “From the beginning, our office has set out to do its job, to fully investigate the events surrounding the death of Ms. Breonna Taylor.  We continue with a thorough and fair investigation, and today’s events will not alter our pursuit of the truth.  The stated goal of today’s protest at my home was to “escalate.”  That is not acceptable and only serves to further division and tension within our community.  Justice is not achieved by trespassing on private property, and it’s not achieved through escalation.  It’s achieved by examining the facts in an impartial and unbiased manner.  That is exactly what we are doing and will continue to do in this investigation.”

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