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New Circle Blasting Causes Minor Delays On First Day

The first round of blasting on the New Circle Road widening project went relatively quickly Wednesday, as crews began bridge work that’s expected to take weeks. But drivers shouldn’t count on such a speedy turnaround every day.

Credit Josh James / WUKY

Blasting is expected to happen around 10 a.m. and 2 p.m. daily for the next few weeks at the intersection of Old Frankfort Pike and New Circle while workers begin installing new bridge piers. And while officials warn of delays up to half an hour, traffic holdups on the first day of blasting appeared to last just minutes for many. Transportation Cabinet spokesperson Natasha Lacy says wait times will likely vary.

"It's quite possible, but we want to prepare the pubic as much as we can. There could be times when the public has to wait 20 minutes or perhaps even 30 depending on how it progresses," Lacy says.

While there’s no hard date for when the blasting will end, officials estimate several weeks.  

"It will depend on the contractor and how the construction progresses. Weather is always an issue with construction work. This is an accelerated, intense project on a tight timeframe," she explains.

The full $53M project, however, will take close to two years, wrapping up in September 2016.

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