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Anti-Smoking Advocates Hope Executive Action Adds To Momentum

State Rep. Susan Westrom says recent executive actions by Gov. Steve Beshear have emboldened advocates for a statewide smoking ban.

But lawmakers will have to wait until the November election to size up the legislation’s chances in the state House.

Gov. Beshear’s decision to add chew, snuff, and e-cigarettes to the state’s 2006 law banning smoking in state-owned buildings wasn’t his first statement on the issue, but the move has some advocates hoping a statewide ban is next.

"It does add to the momentum," Rep. Westrom told WUKY.  "It really inspired the volunteers all across the state that have been working so diligently over the years. We're going on nine years and this really puts a little more wind beneath their wings. And then to know that when it comes time for a vote, the governor is going to be out there and vocal."

A statewide ban failed to gain traction in the House during the 2014 session and while the issue is likely to be raised again when lawmakers return to Frankfort next January, it will be up against the clock. The session will last half as long as this year’s 60-day session.

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