Where in the World Is Eric Conn? Show

Jun 20, 2017

Eric Conn, also known as “Mr. Social Security”, has his face plastered on billboards scattered across Eastern Kentucky. However, at the time our show was recorded, the actual whereabouts of Mr. Conn were unknown. After being indicted for a $550 million Social Security fraud scheme, Mr. Conn cut off his house-arrest ankle bracelet, and left for parts unknown. Health Matters speculates on his eventual destination as well as German vaccination police, atrial fibrillation, Zika, and bringing back the dead. You could hear this stuff somewhere else, but why not listen to us?

Tip: Atrial fibrillation is a very common rhythm disturbance among older people, occurring in up to 5%. Smoking cigarettes or marijuana, alcohol consumption, and energy drinks all make atrial fibrillation more likely.


What we know about Mr. Eric Conn

American Heart Association webpage on atrial fibrillation

Bioquark company homepage. They intend to start a clinical trial to revive dead people.