The Wall Just Got 10 Feet Taller Show

Apr 19, 2016

This show is our salute to those annoying Canadian listeners who took over our Facebook page, liked, commented, and did exactly what we asked for – how dare you! It includes information about PCSK9 inhibitors, Kentucky traffic deaths, and deleting HIV from your genome. Thanks as always to all our regular listeners; please give generously to Morehead State Public Radio and help them find a replacement for our show.

Tip: PCSK9 inhibitors protect the LDL (bad cholesterol) receptor that clears LDL from your blood stream. Even if you are taking top doses of a statin, they can lower your cholesterol an additional 50%. Do they prevent heart attacks? We don’t know.


Harvard Health review of PCSK9 inhibitors. We are not quite as enthusiastic.

Cell phone jammers are illegal. They could block 911 calls, or interfere with other devices.

Kentucky traffic fatalities