A Manafort A Plan—Russia! Show

Sep 5, 2017

Former Trump campaign advisor Paul Manafort is an interesting character. A figure reportedly tied to the Russian mob hired a private detective to find him concerning $19 million that went missing. He borrowed $250,000 from a Middle Eastern arms dealer for a personal loan. The FBI executed a pre-dawn raid on his house to recover some documents, the day after his testimony to a Senate subcommittee. And he testified regarding the diversion of profits from an attack submarine to help finance the French presidential elections. Guilty of a crime? No, but I wouldn’t feel comfortable living next door. Oh, and the show is about Alzheimer’s dementia.

Tip: The National Academy of Medicine says there is data supporting exercise, blood pressure control, and cognitive training to slow cognitive decline and the onset of dementia, but not convincing enough for a public health campaign.