King of the Wild ER Show

Nov 28, 2016

With sweeping election changes, Health Matters has been asked, “how will we replace the Affordable Care Act”? With major insurers leaving the health exchanges in droves, premium rates rising in double digits, and large numbers of healthy people forgoing health insurance for financial reasons, the ACA was in serious trouble anyway. More importantly, how can we make any insurance system affordable? Obviously we don’t know, but we can talk about it. Also sections on taxing sugar-sweetened beverages, next steps on marijuana, and the future of mind-controlled robots.

Tip: for people at average risk, colon cancer screening starts at age 50 and goes through age 75 or greater, depending on your health. Health Matters still recommends colonoscopy for colon cancer screening, but we acknowledge that there are no good studies comparing various screening tests.


Berkely's soda tax works

Robots may help people with spinal cord injuries be productive and be socially connected

The importance of monitoring marijuana use. Page 2 emphasizes the importance of protecting children.