Can’t Get Enough Eric Conn Show

Jun 27, 2017

This much we know. Eastern Kentucky attorney Eric Conn, indicted for a half billion dollar Social Security scam, is wanted by the FBI. News outlets have received communications from someone claiming to be Conn, allegedly taunting the FBI and complaining about unfair treatment from the legal system. We are intrigued, and dedicate our second show to Mr. Conn, complete with our first original Health Matters song in years. We also discussed death by potatoes, dreaming in color, and playing sports with a defibrillator.

Tip: Facial fractures due to recreational activities seem to be on the rise. Riding a bicycle is the number one way senior citizens get a facial fracture.


FBI press conference on Eric Conn

Facial fractures during recreational activities

A good explanation of the "Eat French Fries and Die" study