Always Dreaming Show

May 17, 2017

Health Matters salutes Kentucky Derby winner Always Dreaming with a show about our dreams. We dream about affordable healthcare, lifting the curse of lung cancer from our state, and creating a healthy world for our children. Unfortunately, getting there will be difficult. In this policy-heavy show, we discuss insurance markets, prescription drug price reform, high deductible plans, and MACRA, new legislation which may change the way we deliver healthcare.

Tip: According to Dr. Elizabeth Rosenthal’s new book, “An American Sickness”, there is no incentive to lower costs in healthcare. “Prices will rise to whatever the market will bear”.


Without administrative assurances, the ACA marketplaces will collapse

No health insurance plan can survive without controlling prescription costs

Generic drugs help control costs, but will be problematic as well

Pay attention to MACRA, which changes the way we pay for healthcare