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Chuck Mraz has been an employee of MSPR (WMKY) since 1986. As News Director he recruits and trains employees for MSPR's News Department and supervises the morning operations of the station. Chuck hosts "Front Page," a local news and information show, "Monday Morning Quarterback," a sports discussion program and is the local news voice for inserts in NPR's "Morning Edition." He has received numerous state and national awards for his work in news and sports reporting. Chuck retired from MSU in June of 2018.

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Kentucky Auditor Adam Edelin will be in Morehead next week as he conducts one of ten statewide hearings on the fiscal health of the state’s rural hospitals, and the president and CEO of St. Claire Regional Medical Center admits he is looking forward to Edelin’s visit.

Mark Neff says some of the federal Affordable Care Act’s new requirements are hitting facilities, like his very hard.

Morehead State University

Morehead State officials are still analyzing the success of the university’s spring voluntary employee buyout program.

Vice President Beth Patrick is MSU’s Chief Financial Officer. Patrick says of the jobs vacated, the school is attempting to determine which of them need to be refilled, the salary level required and if some of those duties can be divided among other employees.


All five suspects wanted in connection with a homicide in Rowan County are now in custody. 

Two 18-year-olds…Marcus Stewart and Demario Powell were arrested Tuesday night (June 24). Kentucky State Police say 20-year-old Julius Kolowitz and 19-year-old Jaque Abrams, both of Elizabethtown, and 19-year-old Anthony “Rell” Payson of Hodgenville were arrested earlier today (June 26).


The city of Flemingsburg is making change to a gas line project.

After reaching an agreement with the Fleming County School District in January, the line was initially supposed to cross part of the high school’s property. 

However, Mayor Martin Voiers says the city recently decided to move the line because it was uncertain if, and when, the State Board of Education might sign-off on the project…


The man shot during a weekend home invasion in Rowan County has died. 

Kentucky State Police have identified him as 20-year-old Bo Otis of Owingsville. Otis suffered a single gunshot wound to the back of the head at a mobile home located on Rose Road in Clearfield.  He died Monday at the University of Kentucky Medical Center in Lexington.

KSP trooper Joe Veeneman says the shooting happened at around 1pm Sunday…which is an unusual time of day for that type of incident…

The Washington Post

Rather than forcing another government shutdown, Kentucky Senator Rand Paul says Republicans should use rhetoric to shame President Obama into cutting spending when the two sides meet to negotiate an increase in the nation’s debt ceiling and discuss another continuing funding resolution before the January deadline.

Paul says most Americans are concerned about the amount of debt that Uncle Sam is racking-up and want to see that practice end. He adds that reducing federal government spending is not a complicated problem…

Rowan Judge-Executive Jim Nickell is defending the county’s plan to build a 250-to-300 bed jail.

Nickell points out that the current lockup, which opened in 1990, has only 78 beds…but holds well over a hundred prisoners each month…

Nickell says the county needs to make sure that its not in a similar situation in a decade or two by building a detention center that’s too small to meet Rowan County’s needs.

Morehead Sewer Project

Oct 18, 2013

Mayor David Perkins says Morehead officials know a major project will need to be dealt with sooner or later.

They are trying to figure out how to get the city’s 80-year-old storm sewer system renovated. Every time a heavy downpour hits the area, the system gets backed-up and floods Morehead’s streets. 

According to Perkins, the city doesn’t have the cash for upgrading the storm sewer system…an effort that he believes would cost at least one million dollars…

Even though it wasn’t on the agenda for this week’s Morehead city council meeting…Mayor David Perkins says the panel will likely hear the first reading of a proposed “Fairness Ordinance” next month.

Perkins says the city’s attorney has been working with the Kentucky Human Rights Commission to finalize the wording and details of the legislation. He believes that crafting the proposed ordinance should not be that difficult…


Morehead’s Kentucky State Police Post 8 is gearing-up to host its fifth annual Citizens Police Academy.

KSP Trooper Joe Veeneman says the eleven week program is designed to give members of the community an inside look at the day-to-day operations of the Kentucky State Police.

Rowan Judge-Executive Jim Nickell believes the county and Morehead Tomorrow are close to resolving a dispute over who will take possession of $75,000 in funding that had been stolen from the agency.

Former Executive Director Terri Alderman recently repaid the money to Morehead Tomorrow after she admitted taking it. She’s now serving a five-year prison term.  Moth MT and the county have laid claim to that cash and went through a mediation session in late July in an effort to work out their disagreement.

AK Steel Coke Plant Cleanup

Aug 19, 2013

U.S. Senator Mitch McConnell is asking the federal EPA to allow Kentucky’s Energy and Environment Cabinet to take responsibility for the cleanup of AK Steel’s former coke plant in Ashland. The firm shut down the facility in 2011 because it was considered "non-compliant" with the Federal Clean Air Act.

McConnell says Ashland officials are anxious to market the site to other businesses but can’t do that until environmental remediation takes place. The Republican believes that would happen sooner if the state was in charge…

The Olive Hill City Council will look at a proposal to get rid of the city’s FIVCO Area Drug Enforcement Task Force undercover agent at its meeting next Tuesday night.

The town is facing a $60,000 budget shortfall and Councilman Allen Stapleton says dumping the FADE officer will save between $40,000 and $45,000. Fellow council member Glenn Meade disagrees with the plan…saying it would send the wrong message in a city with a serious drug issue.

Meade says Olive Hill needs to keep its FADE officer and that across-the-board cuts be used to balance the budget…

A dispute between an organization charged with promoting downtown Morehead and Rowan County is still simmering.

Both Morehead Tomorrow and the county claim they should get the $75,000 former M.T.  Executive Director Terry Alderman stole from the agency but has since paid back.  Efforts to resolve the matter through arbitration at the end of July failed after Rowan Judge-Executive Jim Nickell reportedly said he didn’t have the authorization to make a final decision regarding any proposed solutions.

Mayor David Perkins sits on the Morehead Tomorrow board…

Morehead Tourism

A new campaign is being started to encourage more people to patronize Morehead’s businesses.

Main Street Manager, Tony Pence, says he’s working with Tourism Director Joy Brown and Chamber of Commerce Executive Director Tracy Williams on the effort, which will be called “Explore Morehead”…


Morehead State’s Police Chief Matt Sparks expects things to go smoothly when hundreds of the university’s newest students hit campus Thursday for “Freshmen Move-in Day”.

Sparks says it takes a lot of pre-planning to make sure that traffic patterns work the way they should that day…but he adds the event has generally gone well during his five years as MSU’s top cop, outside of a few issues last year at one of the school’s landlocked dorms…


Morehead State University is looking at another record enrollment this year for first-time freshmen.

According to the school’s Assistant Vice President for Enrollment Services, Jeffrey Liles, MSU expects 1700 newcomers to show up for the fall semester…up from last year’s total of 1649.

Liles says a lot of people on campus can take credit for the continued rise in freshmen enrollment…

With classes for the fall semester starting Thursday, the Rowan County School District is gearing-up for the expected traffic backups that will encircle its facilities.

Superintendent Marvin Moore and other district officials spent today talking about the situation with leaders of the Morehead Police Department, the Rowan Sheriff’s Department and the Kentucky State Police.

According to Moore, their assistance should help get the district’s traffic problem solved quickly…

Rowan Judge-Executive Jim Nickell says it’s a project that could bring a lot of jobs to his county.

He’s talking about a proposal that he recently received from Cave Run Energy LLC of Boulder, Colorado to build a hydroelectric power generating station at the Cave Run Lake Dam. It’s an idea that Nickell likes…

Rowan County’s Jailer is disappointed he’ll leave office next year without accomplishing one of his key goals.

When he retires after his current term ends, Don Hall says Rowan’s new 300-bed detention still won’t have been built.   The county and the State Department of Corrections are still in the planning stages for the project.

According to Hall, when he won re-election three years ago, he figured construction for the facility would be nearing its completion by this point in time…